1. Alright, librarians. Spread the word. This is gonna be totally insane, totally unsanctioned, and totally rad. There’s still room for more performers, so if you’re a noise-making library worker, and you’ll be in Chicago for ALA, send an email to stevekemple at gmail dot com and be all like “hey I wanna perform” and I’ll be all like “heck yeah let’s do it!”

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    Hahaha, I remembered my friend
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    note to self….be there….
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    Well, I mean, I guess I have to.
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    Never thought I would say, “I wish I was at ALA."
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    cloudunbound: librarianslikenoise: Alright, librarians. Spread the word. This is gonna be totally insane, totally...
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    I want to be there!!!!
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    Legitimately the coolest thing at ALA maybe. Maybe.
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    Here’s what you call a deeply non-traditional bit of ALA programming: noise-loving librarians make noise. I think I know...
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