1. ALA 2014 in Las Vegas

    Any noise or experimental musicians attending ALA 2014 Annual in Vegas?

    Any circuit benders, hackers or Makey Makey heads attending?

    We should plan a thing!

    Pass it on if you know someone.

    Comment below or contact me on Twitter: acoulon

  2. Shushed.

    Thanks to everyone that came out to the inaugural Librarians Like Noise show. 

    Steve Kemple is giving a talk tomorrow about the experimental noise shows he has been doing at Cincinnati Public Library. Read up on his ideas here.

    Expect more noise at ALA in the future. It’s all the rage!

  3. Wouldn’t have ended it any other way!!!

  4. Alright, librarians. Spread the word. This is gonna be totally insane, totally unsanctioned, and totally rad. There’s still room for more performers, so if you’re a noise-making library worker, and you’ll be in Chicago for ALA, send an email to stevekemple at gmail dot com and be all like “hey I wanna perform” and I’ll be all like “heck yeah let’s do it!”


  5. "Careful listening is more important than making sounds happen."
    —  Alvin Lucier (via coaeval)